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The Several Interconnected Skills People Need Today, to Navigate Transformational Societies Require Integrative Competencies

Our History

We set out in 2000 to provide at-risk youth the basic work task skills to get and stay on top of their jobs and discovered, (1) individuals need complex skills to navigate the world of work throughout their lifetime, and (2) there are two pathways available to individuals to achieve their employability goals. The first and most popular pathway is through academic credentials, while the second is through skills-based training whose current structure limits human potentials. Skills4Industry created a framework to integrate these pathways and capture the complex skills people need into a simple, easy-to-understand, and coherent system despite the differences in their incentives and reward systems. Including turning current disadvantages introduced into learning outcomes by communal and regional variations imposed by the natural environment and false dichotomies. The learning pedagogy and all processes under this framework must inextricably link academic, careers, and other known students’ destinations after earning a credential. Each task performed at home, school, work, playgrounds, performances, and their interrelated activities require different skill sets. As a result, we ensured every unit of learning has a balanced set of skills appropriate for its application. We used digital transformation technologies to capture destinations' needs data, prepare and classify them into grade-appropriate curricula. A learning support orchestration portal S4iHub.io was created to organize destination resources to ensure our learning processes are similar to those students will encounter upon graduation through an externship service portal myyaro.io and internship partnership with employers. Understanding that employers are not in the business of training young people without direct benefit to their bottom-line, we made sure the skills component of learning is adequately provided through the Edge & Gantry programs to prepare students for work. When new credentials are required for the transition to jobs within and outside an organization or industry individuals would need new competencies. For many, especially those who used the apprenticeship and vocational route to the world of work, financial considerations often get in the way when making further education or training decisions. These handicaps also make first jobs through these routes dead-end, because of the low parity of esteem on their credentials in the labor market. We tied MyYaro.io and S4ihub.io together through a LearningLog to make experience on the job count towards new credentials and transition to new occupations by capturing daily task performance to reinforce work and learning using peer-to-peer data through the Edge and Gantry programs. The team presented here has contributed in no small ways to this framework and deserves our appreciation. We will continue to apply our skills in areas that improve your knowledge and skills, as well as their application in different contexts globally. Including keeping your data secured, your privacy protected, and our systems up to date to gather the world’s competencies to ensure success for all that is at the heart of our mission.

Our Board Members

Over The Years We Focused Our Solutions On Communities, Institutions, & Individuals With The Help of These Talented Individuals

Nosa Eweka:
CEO & Founder

Nosa Eweka is Founder and CEO; Skills4Industry, Inc. and Founder, Skills4Industry Foundation, as well as Nosa LLC (fashion label). Prior to Skills4Industry, Inc. Nosa Eweka has held several executive leadership positions in the private sector with a distinguished track record of delivering successful large-scale business, technological, and organizational transformations. He is a seasoned technologist, innovator, and entrepreneur with experience that spans wireless telecommunication, engineering, manufacturing, skills strategy consulting, and education in start-ups, large enterprises, and large-scale technology-in-classrooms projects. Nosa’s focus has been to promote education that provides integrative competencies as one of the multiple ways of conceiving education that empowers young people to plan their further education, career pathways, and entrepreneurship.

Kevin Bickel:
Board & Foundation Advisory Council Member

Kevin Bickel is a Washington, DC attorney who works as a discovery consultant in civil litigation matters. Mr. Bickel graduated from Alvernia College in 1994 and worked as a Legislative Assistant for Pennsylvania State Senator Mike O’Pake. Mr. Bickel graduated from Widener University School of Law in 2004 and subsequently graduated from the American University School of Law with an LL.M in Law and Government. Mr. Bickel is an active real estate investor and believes in encouraging entrepreneurship. “We need 10 billionaires to come out of our inner cities in the next 15 years to ensure our country’s future. We need to create a country of entrepreneurs.”

Meredith Hope:
Board Vice Chair

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Our Board Members

Gary Maslan:
Chairman of the Board

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Blake Denman:
Board Member & Design Director - Nosa Fashion

John Ervin:
Board Vice Chair

An accomplished leader and former military officer with success in business development, strategic planning, operations and innovation. Skilled in performing in complex environments with product and loss, profitability, growth and revenue responsibilities. Doctoral candidate in strategic leadership with an emphasis in idealized design consulting and systems thinking.

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