Organizing The World's Competencies


Skills4Industry is a unique educational framework for multidisciplinary competencies consisting of students’ and adult learners’ specific needs, families, and local community expectations that are integrated with destinations (work, education, and entrepreneurship) requirements data. The data is prepared and classified into ten levels ranging from Pre-K to Ph.D. to ensure balanced units of learning within each subject matter designed to address academic knowledge, work skills, and Skills4Industry (life skills) competencies required to perform tasks satisfactorily across occupations.

Competencies change daily based on problem sets and other environmental variables. However, the mastery of the application of work tools to solve problems is retained for much longer and students need extensive contextualization to be proficient in the rhythm that informs the brain about what to expect in familiar situations over time through the mastery of learning how to learn. To ensure this data-driven learning environment is available to students we established a database containing over 3.6 million concepts of integrative competence that is grouped into over 200,000 functional tasks across all occupations. Our students interact with content to build their own maps created from imposing their own scenarios to improve application across different levels, for example, exploration – a Skills4Industry Pre-K to 8th Grade (Secondary) game uses colors to help students explore connections based on the world they want to explore (animals, trees, humans, and the like). They use colors from the buttons to establish a connection between the characters they chose based on their storyline (going to school, its springtime in Ithaca, New York, or any city in the world. They must read the names of the colors fast to understand the mix that will travel the space into the other buttons for a mixture to take place that represents a set of relationships that the player can save and reuse when they need to overcome the same amount of distance arises in the future. The colors within each mixture represent a data point through which they develop mastery of mindfulness, relationships, and data. Skills4Industry Pre-K Chasm Academy has 15 games, reach out to them to order one for your kids.

This example demonstrates how the query of ‘explore’ at Pre-K produces a set of age-appropriate context through Level 10 at President / CEO. The patterns established by the search or the exploration game at each level establish contextual familiarity from understanding the type of real-world situations where the examples can be applied.

Skills4Industry is focused on helping individuals develop mastery of the application of knowledge and skills using understanding to drive creativity, innovation, and inventions.

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