Skills4Industry mission is to organize the world’s competencies to ensure every individual regardless of their birth circumstances and location on earth has access to foundational education and lifelong learning opportunities throughout their lifetime that is personalized to their needs.

Mission Critical Success Factors

  • Responsive integrative competence teaching assisted data designed to help techers contextualize learning to the needs of each pupil, student and adult learner
  • Learners including pupils and students come into learning environments with special gifts and setbacks we help teachers with the tools to understand the proficiencies of students real-time to customize personalized approaches
  • Help pupils, students and individuals become independent learners with levels, grades, and career goals definition tools with the content to ensure all learning needs are met
  • A youth and credit recovery system for stop-out adults who are returning to complete their education. At Skills4Industry we believe their experience must be rewarded and should count towards the credits required for graduation
  • Learning takes place everywhere in the community, at home, school, work, playground, and performances learners must be provided the tools to capture their learning, map it to tasks by identifying the skills they applied competently. Skills4Industry LearningLog at S4iHub.io was created to facilitate this exercise
  • Enxternship – providing students service learning opportunity that enable them to learn and earn like Skills4Industry MyYaro.io toensure financial considerations do not result in drop-out
  • Situated Learning support orchestration to ensure processes similar to thos learners will encounter in their destinations after their education is available for their education. These resources include experts and the right managed relationships inform practical skills application through internships, mentors, coaches, and other specialists
  • Teachers – a well compensated and trained professional staff
  • Parents – our students parents are regarded as the number one families in Sthe Skills4Industry community

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Skills4Industry Board of Directors