Skills4Industry provide teachers with digital transformation technology in education professional development program to improve their skills in the integration of technology into classrooms worldwide. Skills4Industry provides teachers evaluation and gaps closing professional development competencies.


Homeschooling Skills4Industry provides grade-appropriate complete guided learning packages to parents with partnership agreements with local schools to ensure your child has playmates to develop their social skills. Skills4Industry provides teachers, mentors, coaches, externships, and internships to homeschooling students to ensure well rounded robust learning experience that transfers multidisciplinary competencies for today and future jobs markets. […]

Pre-K To 12th Grade

Skills4Industry provides Pre-K to 12th Grade schools with standardized curriculum subject matter games for algebra, data relationships, social studies, geography, economics, and technology integration. Skills4Industry provides Pre-K to 12th Grade schools the integrative curriculum to graduate well-rounded students with the in-demand competencies for careers of the future, entrepreneurship, creativity, logistics, and digital transformation technology. Skills4Industry […]

Start Schools

Skills4Industry works with school proprietors to develop business plans that result in providing students and adult learners multidisciplinary integrative competencies curriculum that is based on students’ needs supported by research for approval by school systems. Including the web-based software to manage every aspect of your school and deliver live web-based classes. Skills4Industry TutorsX provides school […]

Business Solutions

Skills4Industry provides businesses professional development programs for their talent management employees to better align the competencies of their employers to functional responsibilities that result in higher productivity. Skills4Industryhelp employers scrutinize functional responsibility tasks across organizations to establish automation strategy. Skills4Industry helps businesses design their digital transformation strategy to improve productivity through resource efficiency. Skills4Industry provides […]


Skills4Industry partners with colleges under cooperative agreements to provide their students six months internships during which they gain the skills to create products, provide services, and work skills. Our students through existing cooperative agreements have won several awards and started funded businesses. Skills4Industry helps universities focus their education on in-demand industry competencies through the participation […]

School Systems

Skills4Industry products and services help schools systems deliver on a promise to families, which is to provide their children an education that results in a well-paying job after graduation. Skills4Industry provides a complete integrative competence curriculum from Pre-K to Ph.D. that includes assessment policy, teacher’s evaluation rubrics, and professional development.  We work with Schools to […]


Change takes place every second, minute, day, month, and year. We help individuals adapt to the change taking place around them through tools for youth and credit recovery that reward experience with credit that can be applied in Skills4Industry institutions and partner schools globally. Other programs designed to encourage continuous learning include skill gaps measurement […]

Data Driven Decision Making

The digital transformation technology infrastructure allows us to capture the needs of individuals and tailor suitable learning programs to improve their competencies for transition to well-paying jobs. Decisions on what to learn and what to learn for which job are made using data, to ensure adequate competencies to drive the productivity goals of individuals and […]

Skills Strategy

Skills4Industry products (competencies) are designed to improve the productivity of individuals and hence businesses, including income improved levels, and national income. Skills4Industry organizes global communities’ competencies to inform productivity competencies of individuals, groups, communities, municipalities, districts, businesses, states, and federal governments. This is informed by the use of cloud architecture, application stacks, containers, virtual machines, […]