Professional Development

Skills4Industry Professional Development Program (PDP) is informed by the eighteen rubric instruments used to ensure learning is personalized to each professional and non-professional staff identified skill gaps through the evaluation system. This exercise is carried out four times every year with oral interviews that ensure each employee understands the alignment of skills embedded in the […]

Process Evaluation

Process evaluation includes all process activities for orchestrating learning support, managing effective teaching, and relationships with the goal of improving students’ learning and performance. The main actors who manage the day-to-processes of our institutions are the principals, presidents, provosts, deans, professors, and teachers. We use eighteen instruments to capture process service delivery by the principals […]

Quality Management

Two measures are used to determine how well Skills4Industry educational institutions and programs are meeting the needs of learners, these are learner destination and distance traveled. It follows that if our program successfully improved the know-how of our students they will be employed within three months after graduation as one of our key goals. Secondly, […]


Externship is a work opportunity provided to students for the sole purpose of practicing the application of theory on grade-level subject matter tasks with embedded integrative competence curriculum requirements. Students are expected to perform their work tasks obligation as if they were professionals in the field or area. It allows Skills4Industry to invest in areas […]


The resources orchestrated by Skills4Industry Foundation to support students learning include a partnership with employers for practical work experience to improve skills in understanding how to perform work tasks and navigate people in workplaces. This practical experience results in the performance of work tasks as would full-time hires are organized under an internship that lasts […]


Various levels of partnerships are established depending on the requirements of the tasks to be performed by students to ensure the necessary support is provided. These partnerships include those with coaches who are professional subject matter specialists, mentors who for example help our students complete their homework, employers who offer practical work positions, retirees who […]