The edge is a one-year service-learning program for High School and First-Year College students. The program is designed to ensure students at this exit and entry levels understand the careers available in their communities or globally that they may be interested in.

The Edge program is an excellent way for incoming students to get acclimated to undergraduate life, explore a variety of disciplines, experience in- and outside-of-classroom learning, Pledge with faculty, and position themselves for future success. A full one-year program with six months of classroom and six months of experiential education in two industries for a period of three months each.

The Edge program aims to reduce or eliminate “I chose the wrong course” the number one reason stop-out and drop out of college programs by students. We have created an exciting opportunity for students to be exposed to ideas from the vantage point of different disciplines across the Occupations, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. They will be proficient in our 17 multidisciplinary institutions programs by nurturing their intellectual curiosity and sense of academic adventure. Each institution provides a range of interrelated disciplines and features a community element while fulfilling your integrative competence curriculum requirements.

The Edge Program represents one of the many experiences we are providing first-year students, to help you navigate through learning opportunities with intensive counseling and a number of signature opportunities that promote active inquiry and Engagement.

Competencies in the Service of Society

The Edge empowers students to pursue meaningful questions while building lifelong relationships. Analyzing education and skills inequities in local school systems, promoting and managing modeling competition in elementary schools alongside other students in the Edge Program help students acquire important competencies in social causes.

The Edge Program provides the inspiration and competencies to first-year undergraduate students to stimulate their curiosity in their chosen fields and institutions to result in the professional career path of their dream. The Edge offers a humanitarian challenge that is designed to significantly alter students’ experiences at Home and Abroad that impact future academic and career choices. The Edge Program is designed to impact students’ transition to college life to ensure they look back at their years in college and see the decision to enter this transition program as the best learning experience.