Employers Benefits

Work experience placements provide many opportunities and benefits to both employers and students. Those most commonly cited by employers are:

1. Influencing the choice & quality of future employees: employers can help improve the quality and preparedness of young people coming onto the labor market

2. Development of recruitment channels: building links with local schools through Skills4Industry can help to attract school leavers into jobs and can reduce recruitment costs

3. Influencing career choices: many employers have found that work experience placements are the ideal way of raising the profile of their industry, career opportunities within their organization, and in some cases, dispelling unwarranted stereotyped views

4. Promotion of Skills4Industry multidisciplinary credentials: many students studying towards Skills4Industry Integrative Competence credentials take with them a higher sense of needs awareness and the use of data to align their needs to their local communities’ expectations. This data sense is of value to employers who aim to operate globally with local community expertise. Skills4Industry integrative competence frameworks are set to become even more widespread in the 21st Century, especially over the next few years. There is clear evidence that well-organized work experience placements through Skills4Industry enrich employers and students’ general education and help to improve the standard of their career readiness

5. Raising employers’ profile in local communities: many employers attach importance to raising their profile in local communities. Skills4Industry helps employers to achieve these ambitions because their employees live in these communities too. Work experience placements provide a valuable means of creating a positive image amongst students, teachers, parents, and employees;

6. Creation of management development opportunities: understanding the safety precautions in the areas our students will work in allows for adequate preparation because we provide insurance to ensure our student’s access to all areas of the business process that is related to their core responsibilities. The process of policy development, planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of work experience programs by Skills4Industry, gives scope for Skills4Industry business partner employees to develop their management and coaching skills, and broaden their experience;

7. Increased motivation of employees: companies participating in Situated Learning Support Orchestration partnership with Skills4Industry have found that the extensive use of digital transformation technologies and their participation in the free digital transformation in education programs increase the motivation and competencies of their employees

8. Understanding changes in the education system: closer liaison with schools helps employers to improve their understanding of modern learning processes and current educational qualifications, which improves their relationship with teachers and parents.

9. Monetary: students provide fresh perspectives, as well as an additional resource for new product development and transformational product-market strategy