Managed Work-based Partnership


We want to become your resource center for tips, planning tools, and free professional development for work-based practical career competence for students through employers partnership relationships that we manage through our Edge program for High Schools and First-Year College students, cooperative for Universities, and Gantry for adult Pathways to career program. At Skills4Industry we believe employers should not be obligated to accept students on internships, hire them, or pay them a gift/donation if they do not deserve it. To deserve it, educational institutions must integrate a professional structure for an internship that is supported by resource centers that are able to provide the functional tasks competencies required to perform the tasks in the positions students are being employed to fill. Schools must identify the advantages their students bring to this strategic relationship, when students are sent to employers to complete work-related assignments a key part of the purpose of education is lost, which is the practical learning aspect of the subject matter-related tasks curricula. Internships must not be weaponized as a component element of equitable access to education and employability, doing this provides educational institutions cover that they use to offload students to employers as part of a yearly exercise. Schools that provide internships to students must be able to demonstrate clear benefits and how their programs offer the core skills employers require to accomplish the tasks for which students are being hired. Students need far-reaching access to explore the business processes in organizations in which they work as interns, Skills4Industry provides insurance to students to ensure the same access given to full-time employees is provided to our students to meet their integrative competence curriculum targets for their internship positions.

For career-based competencies to become part of the multidisciplinary integrative competence students are provided in the post-COVID global economy of our dream, employers must demand from educational institutions a clear link between entry-level functional tasks, the school’s pedagogy, and the instructional model.

In all relevant pre-entry level jobs there are schools looking for placement positions for their students who have never used Excel SpreadSheet, for example. Skills4Industry Edge Program was established to enable us to broker the relationship between students seeking placements and companies offering them. Skills4Industry also helps to ensure that placements, which are in short supply, are distributed equitably amongst local schools and appropriate matches are made. Upon confirming the positions and working with the relevant organizations to define the functional tasks in exact terms we schedule a briefing for the selected students for a period ranging from two weeks to four (one month). Skills4Industry Edge Program briefing is designed to teach and provide students the competencies required to perform the exact job tasks for which they are hired with the relevant contexts. We coach students on how to record the skills they applied daily on the LearningLog and the contribution of the target tasks to their final grades. Including the Skills4Industry (life skills) for navigating workplaces, building relationships, and self-management.