For many adults, family commitments get in the way when considering leaving a position to earn a credential to be able to move up into a new position that pays more. While this situation resulted in the low parity of esteem on apprenticeships and vocational pathways credentials worldwide, it is also a problem for industry certification programs offered in partnership between equipment makers and end-user industries. At Skills4Industry we want our learners to have options and not be deterred by commitments when making further education and credentialing decisions.

We established three key technologies for this purpose to provide services to partner industries, with a curriculum component for a more broad industry knowledge our students do not only go through the doors but also establish lasting relationships with the staff they directly worked for.

We help individuals and businesses move, pick up packages, deliver packages, buy groceries, fix launch appointments, offer concierge services, do language interpretation, assist as nursing aid, conduct auctions on behalf of companies for working equipment, help companies arrange repairs for equipment before sale or auction, work as stevedoring personnel, assist in boom arm handling for films and video project cameras, assist in the hosting of events at popular event centers and the like. Skills4Industry has over 1000 assistive jobs where we spend the first month providing our pathways program participants with work skills in their local communities to ensure they earn while working towards a credential.