The Gantry is Skills4Industry adult pathways to over 2000 functional responsibilities in all occupations and industries, including the multidisciplinary integrative competencies credentials that are articulated to tasks performed in all industries by employees. Skills4Industry provides both credentials and career pathways programs that are integrative to ensure high-level performance by our candidates.

A pathways system offer a climbing frame for individuals to start learning at home, school, work and play in their communities from kindergarten to Ph.D. and CEO, which result in credential valued by employers. There are several educational approaches adopted by the education systems and institutions globally to provide several routes to employment and entrepreneurship. Simply put, we have those focused on academic knowledge, skills, and understanding.  The academic pedagogical content based on theories and prepositions aimed at mental discipline and preparedness for continuous learning has been the dominant design for a long. The skill-based approaches have been poorly executed over the same period because it has been dominated by government institutions globally. The result is a pathway that is of less esteem in the market compared to the academic knowledge pathways. Skills4Industry established a multidisciplinary approach to help students develop mastery of the contextual application of knowledge and skills, using understanding. We partner with businesses, industry associations, and institutions to provide their employees, transitioning job seekers, and out-of-work individuals to provide a climbing frame structure from cradle to retirement. Skills4Industry offers a mixture of options to individuals resulting in different routes to careers.