The resources orchestrated by Skills4Industry Foundation to support students learning include a partnership with employers for practical work experience to improve skills in understanding how to perform work tasks and navigate people in workplaces. This practical experience results in the performance of work tasks as would full-time hires are organized under an internship that lasts between three months to one academic year. Skills4Industry Foundation provides a briefing to students for a period not less than two weeks before the exercise, this represents the time spent teaching participants the exact work tasks skills they will be expected to perform and the curriculum implications of these tasks. A pledge to complete the program, be of good behavior, an acknowledgment of its curriculum subject matter weight on the final exams is documented and signed on to by students. A minimum of two weeks of debriefing is also spent on comparing the assessment provided by the employers to those provided by students in their self-evaluation and grades are awarded, all grades count towards their graduation. 

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