Parental involvement in their children’s education has been proven by research to greatly improve students’ performance. However, most parents have highly demanding functional responsibilities that leave them with no time to participate in school-organized meetings. These parents extensively use technology to manage and maintain important relationships on different platforms. Each student is provided a server running a container with 64 Gigabytes of space through which images of software related to Skills4Industry education are implemented to address the technology needs of students and their family members. Resulting in an unobtrusive link between our schools, their parents, or family members, and our school system. The entire process for communication, education, and learning support is fully captured by the digital transformation technology we provide each student and family. Our instructional delivery is filmed across live and SCORM compliant e-Learning systems for easy playback whenever it is convenient for parents to get up to speed with their child’s education.

Parents technology have access to students LearningLog and witness forms to provide their eye witness input to students” applied skills outside school. They have access to homework with access to the comprehensive scores of students through a historical view. They can schedule meetings with heads of schools and teachers with meetings outcomes posted for approval by participants for records purposes. They are invited to most school events and as a policy students whose parents are unable to participate are not punished or threatened, but encouraged.