Skills4Industry products and services help schools systems deliver on a promise to families, which is to provide their children an education that results in a well-paying job after graduation. Skills4Industry provides a complete integrative competence curriculum from Pre-K to Ph.D. that includes assessment policy, teacher’s evaluation rubrics, and professional development.  We work with Schools to introduce digital transformation technology and provide professional development to all levels of school district employees to improve their skills in student needs assessment, data capture, cloud architecture design, decision making with data, using federated approaches to improve teachers, and students learning personalization. We help schools with the capacity to ensure one container per student and family to ensure unobtrusive parental involvement in students learning. We provide the hardware, software, and professional development that result in a continuous update of the curriculum as soon as a new skill important to local communities is identified. We provide school systems youth and credit recovery technology and professional development to convert the experience of out-of-school young people to credits they can use to complete their studies and return to better-paying jobs. We help school systems design, development, and implement externship technology platforms to ensure students have the ready infrastructure to practice their skills, earn money, and reduce financial burden.