Skills4Industry education framework is based on the belief that individuals need complex multidisciplinary competencies to succeed in today’s world and the future. The sources of data to support the development of these complex skills include identified destinations of students after each educational level or grade, the unique environmental variable elements that exist in the learner’s local communities, and the learner’s unique qualities.

The collected data requires treatment that includes classification into appropriate grades to inform pedagogical design, sequencing by what individuals must understand, and be able to do. Including ensuring transparency in the structure of what constitutes a parcel of learning in length and breadth, what performances are qualified for a reward, the amount of reward desired by different types of performances, and what the letters that represent these hierarchies actually mean. Establishing a well-documented structure of reward system is important for the purpose of ensuring parity of esteem in the awarded credentials by the institutions and articulation with other educational systems globally, work tasks, and universities.