The integrative educational framework of Skills4Industry is dependent on the successful integration of the instructional delivery processes in a manner that ensures learning community culture permeates the conduct of education leaders (board members, president of schools, principals, and teachers), all professional and non-professional staff. TutorsX was created to integrate what an institution values in their students with the processes designed to link services, engage, differentiate, evaluate how well you doing, and continuously align the school systems values with those of the community through professional development. These processes and the resulting professional development must reflect the ideals of the culture we envisage. TutorsX automates the entire processes targeted by our evaluation system using students achievement gaps as triggers that include team strategic planning; data analysis; professional learning communities building; parental involvement, empathetic mirroring instructional model expertise; and professional development designed to reinforce professional skills based on gaps discovered during the evaluation.

Skills4Industry tailors TutorX to an institution or school systems mission, as the product and culmination of intense, informed, and dedicated effort of the many educational consultants who participated in its development, the TutorsX is an instructional delivery process automation application that delivers high value. In many respects, the TutorsX unique integrative competence learning community process automation ensures the Skills4Industry approach is a departure from numerous other evaluative and quality assurance approaches in use in many education systems globally. Rather than focusing on personal traits and discrete knowledge, which may or may not relate to the quality of performance in a professional learning community context, TutorsX is designed to automate the application processes of the known competencies that effective educators should possess, on performance standards, on data analysis, on results, on effective leadership and on validation of both achievements and teaching behaviors that may impact success negatively. TutorX primary goal is the improvement of teaching and learning; and as such, it seeks to affect growth, collegiality, and assistance as opposed to dismissal or demotion. Professional staff will develop skills in aligning individualized and inclusive or team-based instructional process that includes systematic assessments and adjustment of instructional delivery suitable for discrete knowledge, practice, and application in a 21st Century context. Unlike some assessment measures, the Skills4Industry Professional Education Personnel Evaluation Program (which includes teachers and specialty area educators) is predicated on the belief that because 21st Century education teaching and learning process of combining academic knowledge with work tasks skills, and life skills are extremely complex, multiple data sources and data collection tools are necessary to obtain an accurate appraisal of professional practices and needs based on student achievement data. While no personnel evaluations are absolutely objective in the sense that they are completely devoid of supervisory judgment. TutorsX removes subjective personal judgments and ensures they are not capricious and arbitrary but instead are supported not only by reliable and valid data, but also defensible rationales derived through a structured process of data collection, interpretation, and inference.