Skills4Industry TutorsX technology combines classroom management tools with instructional delivery process evaluation instruments based on eighteen standards elements whose weekly measurement result in four sessions of professional development we provide to our teachers every year. Skills4Industry TutorX technology ensures an efficient instructional delivery system that is embedded with the school’s ethos of effectiveness, mindfulness through instructional differentiation to meet the needs of students, engagement, and empathetic mirroring.

For over two decades, an ever-expanding body of research has consistently indicated that excellence in schools is more directly related to the performance of their administrators and teachers than to anything else. School systems that implement strong performance-evaluation programs, linked with standard provisions, opportunities for strong professional growth and development, are those that achieve marked improvements in educational quality. Educators do their jobs better; students excel both personally and academically; and, as a result, community support for schools grows proportionately. Skills4Industry Foundation was established “to create a professional learning community, where we all have something to learn and teach young people by promoting learning that is measured everywhere, in which what it takes to move from one level to another through graduation are inextricably linked to the  requirements and expectations of employers, colleges, community, school system and parents.” These are the known destinations of students after school and to better focus all learning processes on each student to differentiate and customize learning to their specific needs we must capture data from the students and their community. Combining these datasets (destinations and needs) ensures what it takes to graduate is inextricably linked to the world that lies ahead of each student.

Teachers are at the heart of the success of this integrative framework that we call Skills4Industry.