Board Members


Our mission is to ensure every individual regardless of their birth circumstances and location on earth has access to multidisciplinary competencies & lifelong learning opportunities throughout their lifetime that is personalized to their needs.


Skills4Industry frames consist of students needs data, destinations requirements & expectations data, & situated learning support orchestration of resources to establish a learning environment with processes that are similar to those students will encounter upon graduation


We use an integrative competence framework to focus learning processes on learners to ensure their handicaps, disabilities, financial condition, talents, and gifted intelligence are recognized through specialized support.

Our Board

Mr. Gary Maslan - Chairman of the Board

Ms. Meredith Hope - Board Vice Chair

Mr. Kevin L. Bickel - Board & Foundation Member

Kevin Bickel is a Washington, DC attorney who works as a discovery consultant in civil litigation matters. Mr. Bickel graduated from Alvernia College in 1994 and worked as a Legislative Assistant for Pennsylvania State Senator Mike O’Pake. Mr. Bickel graduated from Widener University School of Law in 2004 and subsequently graduated from the American University School of Law with an LL.M in Law and Government. Mr. Bickel is an active real estate investor and believes in encouraging entrepreneurship. “We need 10 billionaires to come out of our inner cities in the next 15 years to ensure our country’s future. We need to create a country of entrepreneurs.” 

Mr. John Ervin - Board Vice Chair

John is an accomplished leader and former military officer with success in business development, strategic planning, operations, and innovation. Skilled in performing in complex environments with product and loss, profitability, growth, and revenue responsibilities. Doctoral candidate in strategic leadership with an emphasis on idealized design consulting and systems thinking.

Mr. Blake Denman - Nosa Fashion, Director of Design & Board Member