Microservices – Virtual Machines, Containers, Stacks, Databases, Cloud Server, Artificial Intelligence, Cleansed Hand Curated Data, Provable/Demonstrable Mathematical & Statistical Capabilities Models, Email, Content Management, Documents, File & Folder Level Encryption & Security, Desktop & Mobile User Interface:

  • Digitized Industry, Occupational Areas or Skills Areas, Skills Types, Work Tasks, Work Concepts With Dynamically Generated ID Using Statistical Best-Fit-Method
  • Automatic Update of ID With Changes in Skills 
  • Comprehensive Control of a Private Cloud For Optimized Storage
  • Develop & Execute Software Applications / Containers on Private Cloud
  • Built-in Docker Hub Marketplace for Skills4Industry Competency Concepts by Industry, Sec-tors, & Trades
  • The World’s Largest Competency-based Integrative Competence Concept Courseware from 5th Grade to Ph.D.
  • Simulated Learning With Natural Language Procession AI Companion, Including 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality,  Computer Games, & Videos
  • Federated Artificial Intelligence Ensures Low Bandwidth Consumption – Learning Do Not Need to Connect To The Cloud Server Always Only To Update Their LearningLog
  • Online or Classrooms AI Assistant Help Teachers Understand Areas in Which A Particular Student or Several Students Are Having Learning Difficulty
  • Teachers, Entrepreneurs, and Employees
  • Define Functional Responsibilities Rapidly in Three Easy Steps: (1) Define The Purpose + Goals + Objectives of The Job; (2) Choose The Strategic Path – Incremental Vs Transformational; (3) Accept The Functional Responsibilities; (4) Accept The Recommended Tasks & Resources to Achieve The 
  • Hire The Best Candidates for Positions After A Try-on Through Cooperative Experiential Education Relationship With High Schools & Colleges After Skills4Industry Work Readiness Partnership Program
  • Improve Your Business Image in Local Communities, Afterall Your Employees Live There Two, Through Skills4Industry Cooperative Partnership Experiential Education for Local Schools Students
  • Provide Your Employees Something To Be Proud Of, When You Participate in Skills4Industry Experiential Program Using The S4iHub That Also Provide Free Training to Your Employees
  • Benchmark Employees Competencies Like Other Business Assets
  • Provide On-The-Go Always On Training
  • Establish Automation Critical Path Using Skills4Indusry Four Stages Model – Repeating, Muti-Functional, Cross-Functional, & Decision Support
  • Use Docker Compose YAML Format For In-house Talent Management & Instantaneous Learning-by-Doing Training Applications
  • Implement AI, IoT Commonly-used Business Logic Containers With Skills4Industry Competency Concepts to Capture Machines Data for Instantaneous Learning
  • Remote Work, Remote Learning, Broadcast, & Streaming Complete Private Suite


Skills4Industry integrative competence delivered through containers and Virtual Machines with business solutions packaged applications from the best stacks providers for education, transition skills, learning communities, and talent management. Access to a pool of expert cloud architects, content experts, databases, containers, virtual machines, and human-centric empathetic requirements management.