K – 12 Local School Authority (LEA)

Skills4Industry integrative competence framework is a K – 12 LEA that partners with proprietors of private and public charter schools to deliver unprecedented needs focused students’ centered education. Skills4Industry pedagogy & processes embed those similar to learner destinations where graduates competencies will be applied.

Mid Level Managers – Executive Programs

Skills4Industry packaged functional responsibilities programs combine industry certification with tasks specific competencies to ensure globally competitive competencies are achieved by learners.

Skills4Industry Institutions

Skills4Industry three colleges (Integrative Digital Transformation Institute 1DTI, Institute of Integrative Creative Studies IICS, & Integrative Community Health Institute ICHI are designed to offer unique approaches to solving society’s problems to improve wellness and longevity.

Learning Support Orchestration

To ensure all individuals globally interested in formal and informal education and skills find age appropriate help, Skills4Industry Foundation was established. Skills4Industry Foundation has established a global learning support community hub to ensure learners have access to support and support providers are compensated for supporting students’ learning through incomes and grants. Visit www.skills4industry.org/partners for more information about their partner programs.