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Education & Career Mobility Competencies

Combining academic, career, and entrepreneurial competencies, while differentiating the learning process to address the specific needs of all individuals requires a structure designed to provide a climbing frame to future goals. Individuals learn for different reasons and they will onboard learning with different natural talents, gifts, setbacks, work & life experiences. The strategy to implement a climbing frame to support the needs of all to meet the requirements & expectations of businesses & communities in a fast-changing world must be transformative. That is what we do.

Hosted Cloud Services

Whether on-premises, hybrid, or cloud Skills4Industry will help you create a flexible and scalable intelligent integrative competence & tasks management infrastructure from end-to-end, on our acclaimed hosting platform with Tier 1 Data Centers in Four Contents Powered by Cogent.

Start A School

From Pre-K through Ph.D. to CEO Skills4Industry integrative competence pedagogical data, externship, education, & quality management technology, professional staff development offer complete end-to-end package to educators and entrepreneurs starting new schools. We provide the complete handholding in developing a structure - plan for school improvement, homeschooling, & new schools globally.


Remember when schools had their farm gardens for students to grow healthy food guided by professional farmers? That is an externship because the academic component of the appropriate grade was embedded into the farm work. Students also had good meals prepared with produce from the farms and for many, it’s an important daily meal.

Skills4Industry provided three (YaroMartmyYaro, & S4iHub) key technology service platforms to ensure financial considerations do not get in the way when you are making decisions to get more credentials.

Managed Internship Partnerships

Let us help you create & manage your institution's rationale for students' internships through our Edge program for High Schools & First-Year College students, cooperative for universities, & Gantry for adult Pathways to career program. A clear rationale is a prerequisite for good quality internships, employers want quality because their success depends on it.

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Joining The Skills4Industry Family?

Sending your child to Pre-K or college can be as daunting as it is exciting. That’s why we help to make the transition as smooth as possible for both you and your child, because when your child joins the Skills4Industry community, so do you.