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Peer-to-peer High School & 1st Year College Situated Experiential Learning Program


Credentials & Career Integrative Competence Adult Pathways Program


Kindergarten to 12th Grade Integrative Competence Academies


Integrative Competence Practical Externship Services For Ensuring Earning


Global Orchestration of Learning Support Resources for Education

Credentials & Career Pathways

Chasm K - 12th Grades

Undergraduate & Graduate Programs

Skills4Industry seventeen Institutions offer balanced academic & work tasks undergraduate and graduate-focused credentials. An innovative peer-to-peer data-driven blended model that is designed to focus learning on students' transition outcomes. Links to our institutions can be found below in the footer of this page.

Executive Professional Development Programs

Skills4Industry institutions provide managers to senior executives with professional programs that are productivity & growth-focused.

Adult Pathways Programs

Skills4Industry institutions provide bridged adult pathways to careers and credentials programs in over 2000 functional responsibilities tasks embedded with continuous work. 

Externship & Internship Programs

Our students are never out of work. With a breadth of relevant core skills they make a difference through MyYaro Externship. 

Individuals require complex skills for businesses to remain competitive

Features & benefits

Leverage Cloud Automation Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) platform with Machine Learning workloads for Situated productivity gains through goals-oriented business data realignment with user communities needs.

Use transformational containers to capture user communities’ needs data & orchestrate variations globally to make every work task a learning experience through real-time interaction with functional concepts.

Create a process automation strategy that dynamically realign tasks performed across your organization to functional responsibilities & projects.

Scale business intelligence with a reliable data platform for capturing, analyzing, investigating, monitoring, and acting on your capabilities data to extract over 22% gains from current resources when your employees learn in “Swarms.”

Situated Learning Support Orchestration is a service of Skills4Industry Foundation, whose purpose & design is to ensure students learn in processes using activities that are similar to those they will encounter in the real world. 

Many apprenticeships & vocational route individuals often get stuck in their initial jobs & unable to take on new learning programs for transition to better-paying in-demand jobs for financial commitments.

MyYaro is an externship capability & work tasks clearinghouse that is orchestrated to focus learning on mastery of the real world students will encounter after their programs, without compromising their earning & consumption.

S4ihub is a Learning Support Orchestration that ensures students have access to adequate support to achieve their goals.

Skills4Industry provides Situated Learning support services to high schools, colleges, universities, & partner employers through a cooperative agreement for externship & internships. 

While the competency-driven curricula component is provided to high school & first-year college students through the Edge program, the externship, & internship practical application is provided through MyYaro & S4iHub.

The competency-driven curricula for adult learners are provided through the Gantry program, while MyYaro & S4iHub focus their learning on work tasks. 

To ensure every students’ cultural, environmental, & regional variation is robustly captured, we use identified needs, communities expectations, & occupational requirements data to personalize learning. 

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